Our partners

At UrbanWashers, we work, for our clients, with the best partners. The companies we work with share our intentions and offer the best quality on the market right now.

  • The Swiss association ASET (association suisse des entreprises d’entretien des textiles) represents the field of textile care in Switzerland. It is composed of over 200 dry cleaners, laundries and purveyors with over 3000 people working for them. The ASET want to insure security in this business. They require that all businesses have the same competitive weapons, that the working conditions and social advantages are harmonised, they edict general terms and conditions of the contract and delivery and works to impose environmental prescriptions everywhere in Switzerland. They launch targeted campaigns to give a good image to this profession and elevates its level by promoting professional training and improvement.
  • Axton Studio is a Swiss design agency specialized in the creation and development of a true visual identity, websites, graphical and advertising images, marketing advice, advertising and communication. Axton Studio doesn’t only design, it creates a visual reality with a goal and sense, a sensorial expression of your identity and a combination of details in order to create a targeted brand experience, a development and an execution of solutions through a language of visual conception, associating quality, innovation and technology.

  • Created in 2006, BioApply is proud to be the Swiss leader in biodegradable and compostable bags. Our engagement: to only offer bags and packaging of 100% vegetal origin. Whether it’s for reusable, short use or waste management bags, we bring you sustainable solutions that work. We supply all the packaging used by UrbanWashers, protecting your garments during delivery. All our packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • The Geneva Red Cross is an association based in canton of Geneva in Switzerland. Created in March 1864, its mission is to help the most vulnerable people in Geneva by giving close range help to families, the youth, senior citizens or isolated people as well as migrants. It’s sorting facility and its three Vêt’shop boutiques are here to receive, sort out and sell back clothes, shoes, accessories and toys given by the people of Geneva while encouraging professional reinsertion.

  • The eco-friendly “GreenHook by Nora” coat hanger is born from the will for useful entrepreneurship. 85% of the coat hangers distributed worldwide today are thrown away and create tons of plastic and metal waste. Its toxic impact is staggering. This eco-friendly coat hanger is entirely made from recycled cardboard ensuring no tree falls for its fabrication. Not only is it 100% recyclable and biodegradable, it’s fabrication is strictly French so to limit the ecological impact and has all the qualities for a daily use.

  • GreenNetwork is a communication agency offering its customers 100% biodegradable and compostable communication solutions. Our most popular product is the personalized ecological bag. It can be distributed by 200 partner businesses for a total of 115’000 impacts a week. We aim at reducing the consumption of plastic bags by associating our responsible announcers to the process.

  • Schultess Maschinen SA is a Swiss company with a rich and long tradition. They produce washing machines and dryers destined to private homes, shared buildings as well as professionals and the industry. Schulthess, which has been in business for over 170 years, has launched the first automatic domestic washing machine in Europe, barely 60 years ago. This company is still a pioneer, so much so their products are part of the market leaders. Schulthess has always been loyal to its Swiss factory. Every Schulthess product bears the result of years of experience, the highest level of technology and the utmost professionalism.

  • As one of Europe’s biggest payment processors, SIX Payment Services has been supporting financial institutions for the processing of cards and inter-banking transactions for over 30 years. By using the most recent and modern computerized infrastructures SIX Payment Services ensures an efficient and safe circulation of transactions between cardholders and business owners. All services are in conformity to the latest norms in international safety and provide a great safety against risks of fraud and data theft.