Our concept

Urbanwashers does all your house's laundry. We can take care of your daily clothes, your shirts, bath towels, bed sheets, etc. We will also take care of your delicate clothes (suits, evening dresses, wedding dress, etc.)

You may order our delivery/pick up monday to friday from 4pm to 10pm.

We treat your laundry in the morning and prefer to take your orders in the late afternoon and the evening when you are quietly at home. However, our facility is open to our walk-in customers from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

Yes ! You may leave the laundry for pick up in front your door or at your office reception with a mention of our name, no need to be there when the driver arrives. Also, if you pay online, you can also ask us to deposit your clean laundry in front of your door without having to be present. UrbanWashers may also deliver your clean laundry at your workplace !

Your clean laundry will be ready within 48h*. You can choose the delivery schedule for your laundry. If you are in a hurry, our express order offers you a delivery service in only 24h* !

*Business Days

You need to sign up and create an account to take advantage of our services. Don't panic, it's totally free, fast, and without commitment.

UrbanWashers also works with companies. Our normal service is available but should you require a more specific offer please contact us at info@urbanwashers.com

UrbanWashers promotes solidarity. We offer a free pick of any  clothes you want to donate alongside any order for cleaning. All clothes are directly redistributed to the Geneva Red Cross.

Our offers

No ! At UrbanWashers you order what you want. You are free to order only a t-shirt if you wish !

The laundry per kilo offer incorporates all daily use clothes that do not require special treatment. This option is only available for “usual” textiles such as cotton, synthetic fabric, linen, denim, etc. 

Our delicates option is dedicated to textiles that can’t be washed with other daily use clothes. They require a special individual treatment. These fabrics include silk, satin, wool, cashmere, angora, lace, leather, fur, etc.

All normal fabrics that do not require special treatments and can be washed in a standard fashion (cotton, linen, synthetic, denim, etc.) can be included in the laundry per kilo option.

We take care of delicates individually. These fabrics require special and individual treatment (silk, satin, angora, wool, cashmere, lace, leather, fur, etc.).

Yes ! The offers per kilo are simply there to make life easier for all, not to get you to wash large quantities. If you have only 500g of laundry the price will be calculated as 500g the calculation of the price is proportional to the weight.

Only delicates who require delicate treatment are accepted by the number of items. You can give your everyday clothes or a shirt by number of items, but these clothes will be calculated by the kilo ; besides, this means better prices for you ! We do not offer clothes by the item but there is no minimum order.

At UrbanWashers we decided to set our prices per kilo and this benefits you. With our price per kilo you’ll pay your t-shirt approximately 2.5 CHF which would’ve easily cost you double in a standard laundry service. These standard services don’t separate sensitive garments to standard ones so you end up paying the same for your t-shirt whether it’s made of cotton or silk, so we decided to make a difference.

You may calculate the final price of your order if you sort your laundry in advance and if you have a precision balance allowing you to calculate the exact weight of your laundry by the kilo (by separating laundry per kilo, shirts and delicates). We always calculate the weight of your laundry in our facility with professional weighing machines and communicate to you by email when we receive your order.

Yes ! UrbanWashers has conceived a special program for wedding gowns. We’ll determine a price with you depending on the complexity and materials of your dress. Please contact us for any further information.

Pick up & Delivery

Yes ! Our facility welcomes you with pleasure from Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm. We are located at 18, Rue Goetz-Monin, 1205 Geneva (right next to the HUG hospital).

Of course ! UrbanWashers adapts to all your needs, whether you are home or in your office we pick up/deliver your order where you want.

The pick up/delivery service is free of charge with orders from 45 CHF ! And for small baskets of laundry, when below 45 CHF, the cost of pick up/delivery decreases according to the price of your order.

We provide a 48h* period to wash and iron your laundry for normal order. Past this time, you have 5 days* to order the delivery of your cleaned items. If you are in a hurry, our express order offers you a delivery service in only 24h* !

*Business Days

If you unfortunately cannot be present for the delivery and have not been able to notify us in advance, a fee may be charged. However, you may always authorize our delivery person to leave your clean laundry in front of your door or at the reception of your office (only applicable to online payments), no need to stress if you have an emergency.

Yes ! You can safely leave your laundry by your door, or with your office reception with a mention of our name.

Yes, you can modify your pick up and delivery schedules until 3pm on the day of delivery.

We provide a delivery service in 24h* or 48h* during business days. If you ordered on Friday, normal delivery will be on Tuesday and express order on Monday.

*Business Days

We do not ship outside of the city of Geneva yet, but our facility is evolving rapidly ! Stay updated by sending us an email at info@urbanwashers.com

Processing machine

Wet Cleaning is a modern and environmentally friendly technique to clean your laundry. Based on a humid cleaning process which respects all types of clothing and textiles, the Wet Cleaning process replaces the chemicals and solvents usually used by replacing them with environmentally friendly products and an advanced machine technology for a professional and delicate cleaning of all your textiles.

Not only does Wet Cleaning wash your laundry better than classic programs, but it also has the merit of sustainably protecting and preserving textiles. By banning chemical solvent-based products, your laundry is preserved in delicacy.

No need to sort your laundry before giving it, our experts will take care of it on site.

No, you are not obliged to sort the laundry per kilo before giving it to our delivery person. However, it is important that you estimate the quantity of laundry as well as you can, since our drivers rely on your estimate when choosing which vehicle for picking up your laundry with (excluding individual delicates).


Yes of course! Before completing your order, a space is provided to communicate your special comments about your order to our laundry experts, for example to specify the nature of a stain or to give your washing preferences/recommendations for certain items, and this allows us to optimize our service.

No, our service automatically includes the offer with washing and ironing.

It's better ! However, if the washing labels have been removed, our experts will take care of determining the proper treatment for your clothing. If a serious doubt arises, we will not hesitate to call you, but we will not be liable for any problem with a cloth if there is no label.

Of course ! We have a top range special waterproofing program totally protecting your clothes. It’s the best known on the market right now !

Yes ! UrbanWashers takes care of all your garments, leather and fur included. Our prices for fur depend on size. We also have to analyse the garment to confirm we can take care of it without running the risk of deteriorating it.


No. We only accept payment by credit card. You can, however, pay with credit and debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, PostCard, AmericalExpress, etc.)

No, you can pay our delivery person directly when receiving delivery of your clean laundry, however by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, PostCard, AmericanExpress, etc.). You may also pay at our facility from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

No, all payments are made no later than at reception of the order. We do not issue any invoices.

For business customers, please contact us for further information about our special business services.

Your online payments are completely secure on our site. We work with SIXPayment Services, one of the most respected banking transaction processors in Switzerland and Europe.

If you pay online, your account is automatically debited once your laundry is sorted and weighed by our experts in our facility. We charge your account when we are sure of the final amount of your order.