How does it work ?

At UrbanWashers simplicity is the key. Is your laundry basket full ? Only a few clicks to enjoy our service and spare you the laundry chores. Log into your account and follow the different steps to get clean laundry.

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    Place your order

    Wherever you are, book a collection location online on our web site, choosing a time-slot for pick up and for delivery. Our agents can pick up and deliver either at your home or at your workplace. Pick up and delivery times are from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 10pm. Indicate the number of items and, if you wish, make an estimate of the quantity of laundry per kilo. Our prices are based on these criteria (with the exception of delicate items and shirts). Or just provide the information requested and you may leave us a request or remark about a special piece, or if you have specific information on the nature of a stain. Let's go !

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    Pick up and washing

    At the time indicated, our agent will pick up your laundry. If you wish, you may choose to leave your laundry at your door (or your office reception, hotel, etc.) with a mention of our name. Once your laundry is in our facility, it is weighed and sorted. You then receive an email with information about your order with the final amount. Your laundry is then washed, dried and ironed professionally by our team of experts.

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    Delivery of your clean laundry

    As agreed, your laundry is delivered within 24h* or 48h*, depending on the option chosen. If your payment has already been made, you may indicate the delivery address for your clean laundry, at your convenience and with total flexibility !nn*Business Days

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    We offer payment by credit cards only. You may pay online, and may register with us your credit card information for future orders. It will be automatically charged for payment when the quantity of laundry requested is confirmed. The security of our payment services are provided by SixPayment Services. Or you may pay directly to our delivery agents.

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    Just enjoy your clean laundry and your new free time with less stress. UrbanWashers is your solution every day!