Our concept

Your laundry anywhere, anytime  !

UrbanWashers is a modern eco-friendly pick-up and delivery laundry service company striving for excellence in its service. Our goal is to help you find laundry solutions for your busy life with a simple, high quality service.  No more time for your laundry?  Just one click and we will pick-up, sort, wash, dry, iron and fold your laundry in 24h* or 48h*. Our on-site location also welcomes you Monday to Friday from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

UrbanWashers is commited to respecting our planet by banning detergents harmful to our planet and by taking advantage of the latest biodegradable resources.It is a great time to revolutionize the world of laundry cleaning by incorporating an innovative and environmentally friendly concept. UrbanWashers’ goal is to make your life easier while respecting our planet.

* Business Days.

Our laundry facility

UrbanWashers brings very special care to your laundry. Our washing process and machines play a big role in our commitment to quality and to the environment.

We only work with Schulthess technology, an internationally renowned Swiss company with 160 years of experience as market leader. Schulthess has always been known as a front runner when it comes to innovation and quality; but also in its dedication to the environment : by developing revolutionary new machines with very low electricity and water consumption values, they are contributing to the preservation of the environment.

The days when doing laundry meant using harmful products are gone ! At UrbanWashers, we use a process called Wet Cleaning to wash your laundry.

In addition to a permanently protection your laundry and caring for it, the Wet Cleaning is a modern cleaning technique based on a humidity process, which replaces the normally used chemicals and solvents with ecological products and an advanced machine technology, ensuring a professional and delicate cleaning process for textiles. From cotton to fur, leather or wedding dresses, Wet Cleaning is suitable for all types of textile and guarantees a high-standard quality professional washing.