Quality chart

Our chart is a guarantee of quality, which we commit to bring to each order. Our laundry facility’s reputation is based on these different points:

  1. Respect for our customers is our key principle ; the delivery agents and our team are at your disposal to listen to any observations or information.
  2. We try our best to personalize the treatment of each customer's order and take their different needs into account.
  3. We ensure an on-time pick up and delivery service matching your needs.
  4. Our service is based on our customers’ trust.
  5. We always verify the different pockets of your items and, should there be something found, we commit to safely returning it to you.
  6. Your laundry is washed, dried and ironed according to the washing labels and in accordance with the specific textile. We respect each item of clothing and commit to treat it with adequate care.
  7. We remove the stains individually and commit to doing our best to remove them.
  8. We work exclusively with laundry cleaning professionals. We ensure an ironing service which respects your textiles.
  9. We commit to using only products that are not harmful to the environment and that protect durably your laundry.
  10. The entire UrbanWashers’ team is dedicated to providing quality service whilst listening to its customers with the goal of making their life easier.