Our Commitments

UrbanWashers is not only a laundry service of quality. We are committed to our values. We not only strive towards cleaner laundry, but a cleaner and healthier future, and want to offer a reliable service of quality for each of our customers. Our commitment reflects our values.

  • Ecology

    One of the greatest commitments of UrbanWashers is a 100% ecological service. The laundry chemicals traditionally used to clean are far too harmful to the environment. UrbanWashers' mission is to change these habits ! In addition to using Wet Cleaning, a non-polluting process, we use 100% recycled cardboard hangers and pack your laundry in a 100% biodegradable cover. Most of your laundry is picked up and delivered using electric bicycles. Think of our planet!

  • Rapidity

    For UrbanWashers waiting for days for your daily clothes to be cleaned is not acceptable. All laundry per kilo is delivered to you within 48h* after pick up, or, should you be in a hurry, our Express offer guarantees it in only 24h* ! Having your clothes at hand at any time is now a reality !

  • Competitive price

    The chore of laundry concerns us all! UrbanWashers offers comprehensive services at competitive prices. All our offers include pick up and delivery, washing, drying, ironing and folding of all your laundry at affordable prices with a service of quality. There are no reasons why having your laundry washed should require a big budget.

  • Solidarity

    In addition to our commitment to cleaner laundry and planet, another big part of our motivation involves promoting solidarity within our city. Only 50% of the clothing which could be redistributed to those in need is in fact redistributed. The remaining 50% could help another 15,000 people in need. Giving these clothes should be a simple gesture, and obvious to each of us. With this in mind, UrbanWashers is working with the Geneva Red Cross and is offering free pickups for such donations along with an order for laundry washing. The donated clothes are then redistributed to the Geneva Red Cross. An easy way to show some solidarity !

  • Quality

    UrbanWashers is a laundry cleaning service with a commitment to excellence. We not only want to bring a new concept to this profession, but also use the best knowledge to bring the highest quality to our service. From pick up to ironing, our experts take care of your laundry and ensure a rigorous service for your complete satisfaction. Our laundry cleaning service is an evolution from traditional methods, a rethought concept leading to the absolute best quality.

  • Simplicity

    Done with having to go to the Cleaners, making round trips with your basket full to the laundry room or having the receipt of your tie in your wallet for weeks because you forgot to go pick it up. With UrbanWashers everything is simple. With a few clicks you order your pick up, and you leave the rest to us. Then your clean laundry is at your door all clean and ready to be put away in your closets. The hastle of doing laundry is behind you !

  • Customer Service

    UrbanWashers wishes to evolve with and for its customers. Our customer service is always ready to listen. You may contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments in the contact section and we will be pleased to answer you ! Moreover, in our dedication to improve, you can always give us your feedback after delivery. We’ll read all your comments very carefully. #weloveourcustomers

  • Reliability

    At UrbanWashers the keyword is a reliable service which our customers can trust. Our experts treat your laundry with great care and work only with experienced businesses and quality Swiss products. All our cleaning processes are tailored to respect your textiles permanently. In addition, you can rely on our punctual delivery service! Your clothes are in good hands !

  • Security

    At UrbanWashers your security is our priority. All payment transactions made with us are completely protected. We work exclusively with SIXPayment Services, one of the biggest banking transactions processors in Switzerland and Europe, a leader in the sector for the past 30 years. Reliable and qualified, SIXPayment Services ensures the safest online payment service.

  • Modernity

    UrbanWashers is dedicated to offering services that move on with ever-changing times. There are no reasons why the latest technologies are not applicable to the laundry world! In addition to providing laundry cleaning techniques by using the most recent and innovative machines on the market, UrbanWashers offers a new unique delivery service for Geneva with offers per kilo and no longer by piece! You no longer need to count the number of socks or t-shirts that require washing. Everything is simpler, easier : your laundry is simply weighed to give you your order’s final price ! Why make it complicated when it can be simple ?

  • Stress less

    UrbanWashers is there to make your life easier. You spend enough time running around all day to have to do laundry when you are home! Our goal is to help you take back your free time. With UrbanWashers you are relieved of a tiresome daily task, you will enjoy more time for important things and you remove the stress of laundry. No need to even get out of your home or workplace as our drivers are there to bring your clean laundry to your door. Time to take a little more care of yourself !

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