Better, Faster, Cleaner


Pick up

First step

Wherever you are, order in one click. In less than 30 minutes, one of our delivery personnel will come and get your laundry.


Cleaning - Ironing

Second step

Your laundry is cleaned, dried, ironed and folded by our team of experts according to very strict criteria. Furthermore, UrbanWashers is committed to using no chemicals throughout the process.



Third step

Your clean laundry is then delivered wherever you want, as agreed in your order within 24h or 48h. You may recycle all the plastics included in your delivery, as they are 100% biodegradable. No more stress and bother !


Enjoy !

Fourth step

It’s time to enjoy your clean clothes and chill ! Say goodbye to the burden of washing and hello to some newfound free time.


Your laundry, anywhere, anytime

  • Laundry per kilo

    Not in the mood to do the laundry today ? Our laundry per kilo option is just for you ! Specially conceived for your daily laundry and to make your life easier! Moreover, our delivery service brings everything right to your doorstep, you just have to put them back in your closet ! Sundays spent in front of the washing machine are over ;)

  • Shirts per kilo

    Why keep paying for your shirts piecemeal, when they can be washed per kilo ? No matter if you wear one shirt a day, or only occasionally, our shirts per kilo option suits everyone ! For us, a kilo of shirts means 5 shirts. If you only have 4, no worries, the price adapts itself consequently, on this same basis one shirt is 6 CHF. No need to count anymore, UrbanWashers takes care of everything !

  • Delicate Laundry

    Besides taking care of your everyday laundry, UrbanWashers is above all a highly qualified professional laundering service. Entrust your delicate laundry that requires very meticulous treatment to us, our experts will take care of them by individually adapting the process to each and every item. And as a bonus you don’t waste your time picking up your clothes, we deliver them wherever you wish !

Can You Deliver to my place?

The Geneva Red Cross collects and handles clothes provided by the population to redistribute them directly to disadvantaged people or make them available in their Vêt'Shop. However, only 50% of the clothes that could be collected are collected. UrbanWashers collaborates in partnership with the Geneva Red Cross to reduce this shortfall ! Giving our clothes should be a simple gesture, and obvious to each of us. For free, we offer to our customers the possibility to have us pick up the clothes they don't need anymore at their home in order to give them to the Geneva Red Cross. An easy way to show some solidarity !

Our commitments

  • Rapidity
  • Competitive price
  • Solidarity
  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Modernity
  • Less Stress
  • Ecological

One of the biggest commitments of UrbanWashers is our 100% green service. Chemicals used to do the laundry are way too harmful for the environment. We at UrbanWashers have taken on the mission to change these habits ! In addition to using Wet Cleaning, an ecological process to wash your clothes, we use cardboard recycled hangers and pack your laundry in a 100% biodegradable cover and most of your laundry is picked up and delivered using electric bicycles. Let’s think about our planet !

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Did you know?


1600 laundries are done in 1 minute in Switzerland.


Only 50% of people give their clothes to charity. By doing the same, the other 50% could help more than 15’000 in need.


On average we spend 967 days of our lives doing laundry, so approximately 3 years !